Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coins and exhaustion

In other news, I still haven't finished my promised DNC post, expect it maybe...this weekend, maybe.

However, I did get the Installation Command Sergeant Major's coin for taking initiative on something. I wonder if he'll regret that after some time on the Google to find out that I'm an IVAW member?

The VFW post commander is tracking me down like a ninja. He called me out on the fact that I never came to a meeting, and got me to promise I'd be at the one next week. He also wants me to stop being a poor bastard and getting the yearly memberships when the lifetime membership is such a better deal. He did not buy that it was only a better deal if I planned on surviving the next twenty years.

End result of this: I think I'm getting a lifetime membership and hoping he will never use his fearsome mind powers for evil. But it sounds like a good post.

I would cheerfully trade this coin in for some real sleep, though.

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Thus Spake Ortner said...

How's that DNC posting going?

ALLLLLL-rrrrighty then...