Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love it and never shut up.

Yes, I realize my posting has been slim. Give it time, I'll come back. In the meantime, here's a counter to the "love it or leave it" crowd. It's a quote from Barbara Kingsolver's Jabberwocky.

Once upon a time, a passing stranger sent me into exile. I was downtown in front of the Federal Building with a small crowd assembled to protest war in the Persian Gulf; he was in a black Ford pickup. As the truck roared by he leaned most of his upper body out the window to give me a better view of his finger, and he screamed "Hey, bitch, love it or leave it!"
So I left.
As the time drew near, my feet balked. I dreaded leaving my kind new place [Spain] to return to [excerpted] ...The place I was told to love or leave.

I found I could do neither. Not wholeheartedly. But like the boy who fought the Jabberwock in Through the Looking Glass, I took my vorpal sword in hand. For the sake of the people who love me and the sight of the mountains that move my soul, I would come galumphing back, to face the tyranny of words without meaning and monsters beyond my kin.

I came back because leaving was selfish. A country can be flawed as a marriage or a family or a person is flawed, but "Love it or leave it" is a coward's slogan. There's more honor in "Love it and get it right." Love it, love it. Love it and never shut up.


Thus Spake Ortner said...

I'm going on record now stating you don't believe this rubbish. You may like the quote now, but from what I know of you, I don;t think this adequately reflects your feelings towards our country.

Army Sergeant said...

I've excerpted to leave it more clear what I was referring to.

JD said...

"Love it, or leave it" is nothing more than right-wing sloganeering. It's in the same vein of "Support the Troops" magnetic stickers. It's all bullshit and the American public knows it.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Thank you Sergeant for not shutting up. I just found you and now for easy access, I'm putting you on my blogroll.

The Streetsweeper Chronicles said...

jd said:

"Love it, or leave it" is nothing more than right-wing sloganeering."


This quote originates from the Unions & Democrats, not the Republicans.