Saturday, October 25, 2008

Broken bones? Take a tylenol and drink water

Photos are credited to Bill Perry, who's also the Philly VSO-full pictures can be found here.

For those who were unaware, the police at the Hofstra debate action, in response to the civilian crowd surging forward, wheeled their horses, knocking Sergeant Nick Morgan to the ground, upon which one of the horses trampled him, leaving hoofprints on his ribs and also breaking his cheekbone in three places. He was very clearly on the sidewalk at the time he was first hit by the horse, as can be seen in various YouTube videos.

Man down.

Nick Morgan after initial medical treatment-motrin and a water. Maybe they wanted him to feel at home, like he was back in the Army.

Nick is doing a bit better-he has been seen in a VA hospital, and apparently the Philadelphia VA is a class act, far better than the civilian hospital he was first seen in. The Army Times story about the veterans arrested has also mentioned it here. All the best to Nick. Anyone wants to email me with wishes of support or wishes for a swift recovery to him, feel free to email me at and I will forward it on.

I'll let Nick tell you about his progress in his own words.

From Nick Morgan,

I have spent several hours at the VA in Philadelphia and will be having surgery on Thursday, Oct. 23rd to stop my eye from sinking into my sinus cavity. The lower orbital (cheekbone) on the right side of my face is broken in three places. My nose may be fractured but will heal by itself since it is not out of place. I also have scrapes, bruises, and significant pain in my ribs (the x-rays were negative).

Every day someone tells me how much better my face looks. The stitches are still in and look like they are ready to come out. The swelling has almost subsided but there is still a fair amount of blood around my eye. My vision is a little blurry sometimes but it should get better. I don’t have feeling in a portion of my upper lip, nose, and upper right set of teeth. The surgeons said the feeling might come back depending on what type of nerve damage occurred. It’s getting much easier to eat. I just have to make sure to stay away from crunchy things and to take small bites, as my mouth still won’t open completely. Sleeping isn’t exactly easy because I can only sleep on my back due to my injuries…but other than all that, life is good!

The surgery will be fairly straightforward (from what I can gather). They will go under my eyelid and possibly above my gums to insert a degradable reinforcement for my cheekbone. They will obviously be monitoring my eye closely for quite some time. I will do my best to keep everyone posted upon recovering from surgery. Again, thanks to everyone for your concern and support!


Bill Perry said...

If you're in CONUS, Nick & the IVAW 10 (from the Hempstead 15) have a Court Date on Nov 10th, at 9 a.m.
Supporters should show up by 8 a.m.
Bill Perry
Disabled American Veteran CSO

The Streetsweeper Chronicles said...

Sarge? No dis-respect towards you but; When one approaches a horse from the back or a blind side, you are gonna get kicked.

I see brutha bill has floated to surface. How nice!

Hey, Willie Bob?

How's it hanging?

Read a comment of yours in the Houston Chron about us CID guys being wrong....Huh!

Scott Swett has the original files posted dude.

Since I have far more respect for A/S, than I will ever have for you I'll be coming at you *head-on* over at my blog.


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