Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vacation, and tattoo murmurings.

Alright, folks. Taking a "vacation" from blogging. I have a lot of stuff to do in a few days, and after that I will be in an area where I will have to switch my internet coverage, and it may take some time. I will officially be off the blogscene for about a week. I know there's some stuff floating around there that needs correction, some stuff that needs posting about, but it will just have to wait a week.

In other news, there is a fabulous artist who is currently involved in designing a tattoo for me. I never thought I'd be getting one, and I'm definitely not letting anyone else choose any components, but there are a lot of feelings in my heart that I don't think are going away. There are some great ideas which I hope can come together in a visual design. If it does, I will keep everyone posted on the status, and possibly take some pictures of the process.


streetsweeper95b said...

It had betta be a dang good 'tat, woman! LOL! Ugh...tats....why, oh why? Only tat I got is the one running down the backside of my leg....done been stitched & sewed dudette, stitched & sewed....


Soldier Interrupted said...

Have a good vacation! I saw the video from News Austin 8. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you when you came down, you and Casey both missed me by a month. I'm sure the street sweeper will miss you, but I'll miss you more! I'm kind of curious about the tattoo on his leg it a tat of his name so his pimp, GW, knows which one of his bitches he's fucking? Time to get some steel reserve and get wasted in the hot tub!