Saturday, March 29, 2008

To Get My Street Cred Back...

I promise, IVAW isn't always sappy.

Thanks, Kris, for helping me to prove it.

On the non-IVAW side of the house and related to Things That Are Angry, Calm Before the Sand has returned from Iraq and resumed blogging again, and his posts are real doozies, from talking about those who would glorify war in fiction to his post on the 4000th death in Iraq, which deserves not just a link but a quote:

It hasn't ended. It's not going to end. Don't talk to me about "honoring the sacrifice of our veterans." I sacrificed, without complaint, and you pissed on it. You threatened my life, threatened my career, told me I was a lesser human being for speaking out. No, I say: you don't get to say a word. YOU are no longer a part of this conversation. For five years, FIVE YEARS, we listened to you in your cries for more blood, more treasure. We bowed to your dreams of secular Arab utopia, and look what our passivity has wrought.

I'd also like to introduce a new active duty soldier with IVAW Fort Hood. Name is confidential, but I have high hopes for this self-starter, who also happens to be pretty damn funny.

This should be a wakeup call to the millions of Americans who don't even care enough to register to vote, let alone get off their asses and protest. This war will not end itself. Congress will not write itself and Washington, DC will not fill itself with people against this immoral, illegal war, and the "man" who started it. Don't throw your voice away! Don't wait for this November to come around. If our ancestors had this "wait it out" mentality, we'd all have a bunch of British soldiers sipping our tea living in our houses.


Earl said...

Thanks, interesting blogs to watch in the future...

Soldier Interrupted said...

Thanks for the props, I linked you and a couple other bloggers on my page as well. IVAW Boston looks like they have a lot of fun! Hopefully we'll have the people to do that someday soon!

Thus Spake Ortner said...

Wow, he is super secret since the top link has his name in it.

Bryan Hannah

streetsweeper95B said...

Howdy AS! *tip of my hat*

Hope things are going well for you....Now about this new guy from da Hood.

Paid his blog a visit, punched the eject button on him like I did you, boy is he feisty, LMAO! I definitely enjoyed the response I got.

Catch you laters, AS. Take care, be safe!

Hey, TSO? I'm numba one on his list of "dumbasses"....Pic's of my status included even! Go finger!