Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bloggers: Attention

I'm on leave starting today and extending through Winter Soldier. While you would ordinarily think that this would give me a good deal of time to handle everything, you would be greatly mistaken: I'll be driving through several states, meeting and helping members, assisting chapters with GI outreach, etc. As such, while I will still be taking care of my bloggers, I probably won't be responding to everyone's posts, links, etc. If something really needs a look, please email it to me. I can access email from my cellphone.

Absolutely crucial: what I need from you:

If you are an already coordinated blogger (yes, this includes you, Jonn, if you can abide by the CoC), I need you to go to the Winter Soldier Media Registration form and enter your information. Be sure to state that you have already coordinated through me, so that you can be matched against my list. If you are active duty military or an OIF/OEF veteran, you can STILL REGISTER. Other vets, sorry, you guys had lots of time and some of you have already contacted me. I can only make this exception for current military or recent vets. Email me at armysergeant (at) and scan me in your information, and we can work something out. Media registration closes Monday, though, so there's not too much time for you to make up your mind. Limited seats are still available for active duty and OIF/OEF veterans who are not blogging as well. Email me.

Remember that there is a code of conduct in place. If you attend, you will be expected to abide by it. What this means for some of my more conservative bloggers? For one, you cannot be disruptive at the proceedings, and you cannot engage with those who are. If you come with a friend, and that friend subsequently starts causing a ruckus, you will need to immediately back off and encourage your friend to cooperate with security to avoid being tarred with the same brush. If someone at the event begins using abusive language to you, do not get involved in it: simply contact security and let them know about the problem.

Events on one day will be applied to other days. For example, you cannot be out on Friday yelling obscenities at members outside the gates, and then Saturday expect to waltz inside, because it is a different day and you didn't insult anyone's mother that day. That is pushing forbearance more than just a little, and will not be permitted.

Also, if you have not brought or previously submitted your bona fides, you will not be permitted in. It doesn't matter how far you've traveled.

There will be wi-fi available. Anyone needing special accomodations, please let me know via email.


LT Nixon said...

I'll be watching from the sandbox with great interest. Please have safe travels.

Earl said...

Yeah, I second that - safe travels and a good effective time spent at Winter Soldier, I will follow your blog, be blest.

Just A Decurion said...

Are there going to be transcripts posted online somewhere?

I don't trust media summaries in the slightest.

I'd like to go, but I've got a class this week that I can't miss.

Thus Spake Ortner said...

If you get a chance, and are still talking to us, would love a comment on this thread:

Anonymous said...

Having the Vietnam Veterans Against the War man your parking lot checkpoint, after VVAW marched under the Vietcong flag and chanting for the Vietcong to win (Ho, Ho Ho Chi Minh and all...) in the 60's, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Check Point Charlie".

You had "Charlie" manning your check point.