Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Help a Battle Buddy And Look At Pretty Women-What More Could You Guys Ask?

Alright, guys. Just to provide a little bit of a break from the hard-hitting stuff, and also because I've seen it on some other milbloggers' sites and think it's a worthy cause-and hey, let's face it, you know it would have been by popular request if I had said, "Hey, everyone who wants me to post pictures of pretty Army girls, raise your internet hand"...

Hailing from the National Guard, 1st Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment, Sgt Jill Stevens is Miss Utah, and will be competing for Miss America on Jan 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. While we're sure she'll take it on her own, I'm sure, just in case the judges are too big idiots to recognize the military awesome, there's also an opportunity to take a finalist position by popular vote.

I am told she has released the following statement:

"America's Choice! Battle Buddies,I need your help!
This year, America has the opportunity to select a surprise 16th pageant finalist with "Miss America: America's Choice", an online competition that allows viewers to vote for their favorite Miss America contestant. I could really use all the support from my battle buddies in the Army family to help me stay in the fight."
- Sgt. Jill Stevens

To vote for Jill - click the link, click on Utah and follow the directions.
You can vote once each day now through January 26.

Let's help this battle buddy take the prize-and come on, Army guys, you know you've been complaining about the proportion of pretty women in the service, well, here's a chance to prove you all wrong. And she's toting a gun, too, which should make the rest of you happy.


Thus Spake Ortner said...

Do you have a link to her statement?

Will post something over at my shop if you do.

Army Sergeant said...

Yep! I got it from someone else who apparently knew her, but checking back through his website reveals that she has one too. The statement is on there.

I say post it all over. said...

Outstanding! Stand by for wide distribution... FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Anonymous said...

Too bad she's so gung-ho.