Friday, January 25, 2008

Bits, Pieces, and a Present

Recently I've been introduced to the fabulous VetVoice, a collection of milbloggers and veteran bloggers. If you haven't gone there, you really should: the front-page writers in particular are amazing, from RockRichard talking about how the mass media has forfeited its integrity or writing hysterical open letters to Bill O'Reilly to Brandon Friedman commenting on how the Iraqi Parliament has really got that useless-legislation thing down. And of course I would never want to forget LT Nixon, who they've had the good sense to give a front-page billet to as well, though I've linked his blog for a while.

I've also found a great article on why we're bleeding good officers and NCOs, as well as one on why Army recruiting is starting to bring us crummy recruits. Mmm, you'd almost think that the Army might wake up and realize that seventeen crappy soldiers do not one good soldier make. Of course, that might interfere with 'getting warm bodies for the Iraq war'. Probably not, in that case.

I see in the photos of the burnt IVAW bus that one of the casualties was a fake mink blanket I donated to keep folks warm on the move. It's a shame. It'd be more of a shame if those things weren't the national export of just about every foreign country we have soldiers in. In fact, if Jim gets a new bus like he's trying to do, I will officially donate yet another of them. Hopefully, this one won't be a casualty of disputed fires.

Remember, anyone that's active duty, guard, or reserve: Winter Soldier is free to attend, and if you're financially strapped, transportation will be arranged. Also, the invitation to milbloggers to cover the event is still open.

A buddy of mine, tired of being unable to accomplish what he needs to in the NCO corps, has decided to go officer so that he can point and laugh at those of us still slogging it out with the crap soldiers they're letting in the door these days.

So I figured I'd give him a present. Okay, buddy. This one's a little old-fashioned, but all for you.


RockRichard said...

Thanks for the plug!

LT Nixon said...

Army SGT,

Glad you like Vetvoice, it's my fave. I see that you linked to that study on recruiting, sad indeed. I caught wind of it on Operation Yellow Elephant, thanks for plugging it, since it shows how much trouble our military is in, for many reasons...

Haha, nice zinger on us zeros!