Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Bit of Culture

I'm sure my detractors will somehow find a way that this 1931 film clip was made specifically to smear OIF/OEF veterans. Because that's how they roll.

However, if you haven't seen it, you absolutely should. Even if you have, you should watch it again. This is an incredibly powerful piece-though in my opinion, it really gets going only after Joan Blondell stops singing. However, I know there are those of you that love the blondes that won't complain. If you don't do anything else, forward to 3:25 and watch the thirty seconds that follows that. Truly amazing. Why can't they make stuff like this now? Words aren't even necessary. I think they had more acting skill then.

I remembered about this after watching "Suddenly", with Frank Sinatra. (Let's hear it for $1 DVDs) I'll be honest, though, and admit that this post was written a day or two ago. I've just been pretty busy.


Earl said...

Good but not part of the High School history course, is it?

stuffed said...

Gold Diggers of 1933 is a fave. Harry Warren is teh manz. 'We're in the Money' in Pig Latin, and performed by Ginger Rogers, is pretty cool, too.

Bless them for addressing some issues rather than making 100% escapist fare. It works.

Army Sergeant said...

True, high schools aren't that awesome these days. And yes. It's a fabulous movie on other counts as well, stuffed.

The Sniper said...

Good movie, but bear in mind that is chronicles the failings of government in general, not just the military. "Put my man behind a plow" is in refernce to the CCC planned work camps that sprung up around the great depression which is what the soup lines in the movie clip represent.

Do we treat our vets badly? Maybe. Some do get the shaft, but most do not. I will give you that it is a nightmare wading through the paperwork to get anything done but by and large I think we treat vets better today than we have in decades.

And just so you're not disappointed: That movie was made to smear OIF/OIF veterans!

The Sniper said...

I forgot to add: yeah, the actors were better back then.

Army Sergeant said...

Hahah. And yes, it does. If it clarifies anything, I don't think the military is primarily at fault for the bad treatment of our veterans-I think if they were given funding for good treatment of our veterans, they would treat them a lot better. I suspect a lot of the things I hate (pre-existing personality disorder, etc) come about because people have no idea how to make funds stretch, and are trying their best with what they have. Which isn't very much.

The problem is that good treatment for veterans makes a great soundbite, but most Americans don't know what it would really entail, so Congress and various administrations (not just the current one) get away with half-assing it a lot.

I'm coming to understand that we're getting to better treatment of our vets-I really had no idea how badly they were treated in the past for years. But I still think it's not good enough, and I'm an idealist, so I'm going to advocate for better care until I do feel it's good enough. You know, you do what you can.

Anonymous said...

See, THAT'S the reason flags and parades mean NOTHING to me. Trouble is, today, you've got the forgotten WOMAN!