Monday, March 23, 2009

At long last....

Well, folks, I've tried to be the last holdout in this milblog world, the one person who let anyone say whatever the hell they wanted to.

I have now moved to comment moderation. Some ofyou may believe that I'm trying to censor people's thoughts that are pro-war. I cheerfully invite Lilyea, TSO, CJ, Blackfive, and any other person who hates IVAW to talk here all they want to show it.

However, someone has decided to post my mother's full name, home address, and phone number, apparently in response to my calling out Steve Slauson, the post commander of the VFW post that has been harassing me. I'm not sure how posting a mailbox is the same thing as posting the physical address of a cancer survivor who has absolutely nothing to do with this, but that's just me. I didn't post his place of work-and I do know it.

The other thing that's pretty awesome is that there are a lot of people with my last name in New York. The only way for someone to know who exactly is my mother is to look at, say, my military records. Or my SGLI. Or any paperwork I've done concerning my mother.

Anyway. So comment moderation is now up. I'll still allow all the anonymous jerks, I promise. They'll just have to leave personal/identifying information off in the future.

What would be nice is seeing as much rallying in the milblog community over the hassle I'm getting as over the stuff the conservative bloggers get..but I know better than to expect that.


Anonymous said...

To me this should seem to come as no suprise. For someone who has volunteered to serve in the military, as an NCO no less, and then serves on the board of an anti-war quasi-politcal organization, I say to SGT Active Duty that you should expect a whole lot more to come. It would be like a NASCAR racecar driver to be boycotting speeding and they acting surprised when the other 41 drivers get a case of the red ass.

I do not condone the action mentioned, but two wrongs dont make a right. I suggest each party is guilty of sharing personal info and clogging up the blogoshpere with petty fighting.

Meanwhile, I suggest if you dont like racing, then get off the track.

Charlie said...


I spent over half my adult life in the service to my country and had I not been injured I have little doubt I would still be on active duty.

My job was to defend the citizens of the United and to uphold the constitution. Sgt. AD is doing exactly that. It would be egregious to assume that one can have the responsibility to protect this nation, but not the ability to voice grave concerns over what that means.

IVAW is an anti-Iraq war organization. Since the war in Iraq has placed the citizenry of the US in considerable danger, I am glad that there is an organization composed of those who were there to speak out.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

This is just sad.

I fought in Iraq and am proud of the men I trained there and the work they did. Nonetheless, I respect your point of view and am proud that an NCO would go to such lengths to defend what she feels is right. That some POS would do this belies their cowardice. REAL warriors don't hide behind an anonymous post. Disagree with SGT Coppa if you will, I do, but to make threats to her or her mother - disgusting and cowardly.

Jen said...

wow. It's amazing people think spitting on soldiers after Vietnam is wrong but posting someones mom's personal info is fair game.

and sorry to let the anonymoue enema know, but his race car analogy ( you from the south brother?) only serves to show that the VFW dude is fair game for taking his time away from vets and focusing on politics. putting some drivers mom on the track hoping she'll get hit would be the completion of your analogy and I don't see how that is defensible. you left it out because it's either indefensible or you don't have the logical skills to think your own analogy out. or both.

Jen said...


What a fucking baby /coward. (Or maybe the new plan is to start posting the Talibans mom's names on the internet....)

I can't imagine someone who knows your mom's info would do that, it certainly does lend itself to some really sick abuse of information/access.

Gay people will ruin the military but nutjobs who post someones mom's info are just fine.....

I love how people question your morals for your politics, but then think this is just fine. Talk about hypocrites. Appearantly the freedom we serve/d to protect isn't political freedom, it's the freedom to harrass someone through their command or via mom threats. My bad.

The Streetsweeper Chronicles said...

Sarge? Sorry, I came in late on this one from you know where. Judging from the posts next door and here, it is going to be someone with *intimate* knowledge of you.

The better question for you to work on is; "Who am I? Not only do I know you but I know everything about you".

Need help? Holler....You know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

wow that is very low and shameful. i can’t believe someone would have the nerve to post that? is there no decency in the world anymore?