Thursday, November 20, 2008

I owe posts!

I figured if I listed them here, the public humiliation would be a motivating factor for me to actually get it done.

1. A post on IAVA's new PSA.-Done!
2. A post on Coffee Strong -Done!
3. CJ and his guest last night.
4. Balad
5. Stars and Stripes Loves Me
6. Casey Porter and Living Fobulous
7. The Lautenberg amendment and domestic violence in the military

Have a topic? Post it here ! and I'll do my best to respond to it in a timely fashion.


LT Nixon said...

A PSA, eh? It better be as good as Regina and McGruff the Crime Dog's classic from 1987.

The Streetsweeper Chronicles said...

Maria Lauterbachs killer is still hiding behind the skirts of the Mexican Goberment, Sarge.

I have a old post up over at my hangout regarding Cesar Lorean's flight and how I figure he made the run down to Mexico.

It had a hit from Meloria, MX where he *surrendered* to Police and tipped me off that I might have been right.

All yall are welcome to go cruise my blog and read it. Matter of fact, I'll dig it out and repost it for you.

This guy really ticks me off. Firing squad my ass, HEH!