Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Has it really been nearly a month since my last post? That's just shameful. Or it would be, rather, if I hadn't been busy up to my ears.

My posting over here has managed to accomplish one thing-slowing me down a touch. I can't attend /every/ stop on the base tour, just two of them. However, when I felt twinges of guilt or longing to be there helping out, I had Kris Goldsmith's dispatches to remind me that it's not all roses on the GI Outreach rail. (Scratched corneas and fire ants, oh my!)

I did have our own GI Outreach events here as well, though. No GI Rights or VA benefits workshop, but we did have an IVAW barbecue in front of my house, on post. The IVAW label came off when the beer pong came out, but still, a good time was had by all. Also a good hangover. I was effectively useless the next day, but it was definitely worth it.

Casey Porter has another film up from Iraq, he's titled it Deconstructed, and I expect to see a new film from him any day now.

I guess the cat is now out of the bag against the Rage against the Machine concert in Denver for us. For those of you who are non-veteran and non-military, I hear there will be some sort of lottery going on.

I myself am officially on leave, and come prepared with this warning from my higher-ups (or at least one) "Don't get arrested". This individual is to be commended. They know where I'm going, what I'm going to do, and even though they think I'm sticking my neck way further out than it needs to be stuck, they just want me to mitigate damgage. I told them not to worry, though-I have no plans to be arrested. I do everything the legal way-and the fact that there is so much legal wiggle room is a testament to the framers of our Constitution and the men and women who have sacrificed to protect it since.

I've taken on even more IVAW responsibility. Along those lines, though on a casual note, any milbloggers in the Denver area or travelling around there who would like to cover the OFC action or other IVAW points, please let me know. Fellow IVAW members with blogs...hopefully I'll "See you there".

Internet access will be somewhat sketchy, but my 215 number will still work.

AS out.


Jen said...

"don't get arrested" reminds me of DC for the march. I think it was where we met right? All I remember was that you couldn't get arrested and I trying to keep a hole free so you and the others could get out of the melee. The one civilian woman kept getting in my way and getting snippy with me, I swear I was ready to elbow her in her face.

Army Sergeant said...

Yeah, that's right! I was trying to shepherd the non-arrestables to safety outside the chokepoint, and most people were helpful, but some civilians didn't want to cede their clearly god-given right to the best viewing place to let the vets get clear of chaosville.

You were as I recall one of the more responsible/capable people there, and I was absolutely grateful for the help.

I'm sad you won't be here this time, but keep the NYC homefires burning.

Jen said...

As gay as I am everything I touch is flaming.....