Sunday, August 24, 2008

Denver PD Supports Military By Committing to Arrest 2LTs With Maps

That's right, many other committed veterans and IVAW members, I am now on the ground in the rough area of the DNC. I am officially on leave, and am doing my best to fulfill my NCOIC's direct order not to get arrested. However, it looks like that's going to be a little harder than I thought. While I can't help but agree that second lieutenants with maps are the most dangerous things out there, the Denver PD's decision that anyone with maps could be a dangerous and violent protester has me scratching my head a little bit.

Among the other things that police are being told to watch out for are:

Handheld FRS radios-frequently, of all things, used for communications!
Maps-used to plan.
Bicycles. They can apparently be used to blockade sidewalks

Chemicals-no description of type or quantity.

Camping information.

Keep it up, Denver PD! I'm sure in a city the size of Denver, there's no actual crime out there. Better keep arresting people for having bricks laying around in their yard. It's not like the jails are full enough, after all.


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Anonymous said...

See that's where your lack of experience shows.

FRS, maps and bikes are key indicators of the anarchist/Critical Mass type protest pukes.

They disperse, reconverge and lather, rinse and repeat. So yes, FRS and maps by people on bikes is suspecious.

The cops were smart, you were dumb.

Jen said...

Yes, so dumb that you don't realize that anyone can have FRS and maps. Like families and tourists.

God AS, when will you realize that certain things make you illegal, we don't have to wait for actions anymore YOUR THOUGHTS ARE ILLEGAL.

If you were a true American you would have seen that Tom Cruise movie, not not TopGun, the future one. No not Oprah's couch jumping incident, the future cop one.

Theone where cops read thoughts in teh future and that makes everything perfect. Except for corruption where that system is abused. At least we don't hae corruption in the country like mass detentions....