Monday, August 24, 2009

This Is Where We Stand: Broken Soldier

The latest piece is out from Zeiger and Displaced films, This Is Where We Stand I highly recommend that everyone check out the website itself, because there's a lot of great stuff there, and information about the individuals.

Their latest installment contains some of the testimony about veteran mental health issues that came out of Winter Soldier. It also contains some footage of one of the most gruelling processes of the event-obtaining testimony. As I may have mentioned before, I was a part of the Verification team, the crew of IVAW members who did interviews about testimony and helped to confirm it and get evidence. I can't talk about individual details, but there were so many soldiers who had not expected some of the questions..they had stories, but not ones they were ready to testify about yet. We respected that. But the testimonial experience itself was very difficult, just hearing all of the stories and seeing these guys was painful.

Best to Zollie Goodman.

Broken Soldier from Displaced Films on Vimeo.

I also realized that I completely forgot to promote the last webisode, as well, so here it is. The first stage showed here is a Winter Soldier planning session, far in advance of Winter Soldier, still hammering out all the details.

Why We Fight 7/21 from Displaced Films on Vimeo.


Erika Tjaden said...

My father died recently as a result of injuries sustained in Iraqi war and negligence, while he was staying in the WTU barracks in Fort Hood, TX. While the army has been found negligent in his death, of course nothing has come of it. I am looking to open people's eyes, and I would love the opportunity to communicate with soldiers and vets who have had experience with the WTU program, and other similar set ups. This research is to be used for various interviews, and papers that I have set up, and possibly my thesis (I am a college student in my junior year). Everything would be kept strictly confidential, I just want to attempt to substantiate my work with real soldiers opinions. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated, whether it is an interview yourself, or if you know anyone who would be interested. Thank you for your time. You may contact me at

Anonymous said...

Nice video. We need to get out of Afghanistan, too. It's a no win waste. The US can't go on with endless nor proxy wars.

HooahNews said...

ADP, love the blog and your communication to the public. I made my way here after reading the NYT story on milblogging.

Will link you on my site

Michelle said...

I am very interested in VA health care. Am looking for any soldier who has had a chance to use the "Fast Bump" non-ballistic helmet. Post here or email me at Thanks.