Saturday, July 11, 2009

For Those Who Would Judge Me

Those who have been following Iraq Veterans Against the War for a while are probably well aware of Displaced Films-the incredibly awesome documentarians who are producing the official Winter Soldier documentary, showing not only testimony, but what happened to get the testimony there-the story-behind-the-story, if you will.

What some of you may not know is that with the sudden recession, the production of the movie was slowed somewhat. Displaced Films needs to raise the capital to put this out in a serious way, so if you're a potential donor, you should definitely head over and help out. But if you're not familiar, you might be curious as to what it's all about, and why exactly you should support this enterprise.

I could tell you that David Zeiger, producer of Sir, No Sir, is the mastermind behind this enterprise, but that won't help you nearly as much as taking a look.

The following is the first webisode of many this summer designed to promote the feature length film.
Watch-and learn what Winter Soldier was all about.

For Those Who Would Judge Me from Displaced Films on Vimeo.

Edited to add: Thanks to Jonn Lilyea of TAH for helping to correct my embed code so the video would properly display. I know he probably hates the content, so it's even more awesome of him to help out.


Jonn Lilyea said...

You can edit the code to fit your blog. Are you TSO's technical assistant?

Army Sergeant said...

...html is not my friend.

If you know how, you should absolutely show me!

TSO said...

Best inadvertantly comedic film of the year. It's almost like "A Mighty Wind" or "Best in Show" of the Antiwar movement. I especially thought the acting of CIB recipient/Combat engineer Millard was nuanced.

TSO said...

You realize of course that the Oath of Enlistment in this thing is wrong? They managed to take it and mangle the hell out of it, which is about what I would expect.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask. After all the drama with IVAW and Winter Soldier, why should we listen to them now? I mean I can say that Andre Shepards comments about locals not getting meical aid is a lie.

Anonymous said...

One good reason why you should "hypothetically" listen to IVAW is that soldiers are coming home and speaking the truth about the War in Iraq.

Many good reasons why you should "realistically" not listen to IVAW is because they are represented by frauds, glory seekers, politico opportunists, and shallow talk-show personalities like Millard, Kokesh, Rick Strandlof, Matthis Chirox, Andre Sheppard, WTU-malingering-never-deployed military-intelligence-Army Sergeants, and god knows what other AWOL or druggie drop-outs joins the ranks of their prestigious liberal circle-jerk soap opera.

IVAW could have led the way in bringing the troops home if it weren't for so many of these dishonest pogues defrauding their own cause. What's the difference between Vietnam Veterans Against the War in their prime and IVAW now? How about 25,000 pissed off and dedicated combat soldiers opposed to the war. IVAW has no legitimacy. IVAW is a sham!

Army Sergeant said...

Anonymous coward:

I allow you to spout your BS, incorrect facts, and ignorance on my blog because I believe in free speech, but you're not only wrong, you're a misogynistic asshole. I'm sorry you think that WTUs are full of malingerers-or is it just the women that must be fakers?

It's easy to be an asshole on the internet, where you don't have to face the consequences of your actions. What precisely do you have against IVAW, exactly? The fact that unlike you, we have the cajones to put our names to our statements?

Anonymous said...

Well I can list at least one grievance on Andre Shepard.

"It is good that wounded U.S. soldiers receive excellent medical care in Germany," says Shepherd, "but it should not be forgotten that civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan who are injured by U.S. troops receive no such help."

This is a lie from my time in Iraq, but that does not seem to stop people.

You know who this is. said...

I dont know who this "Anonymous" is but he has a point.

You on the other hand are just plain rude and insulting.
Normally you try & portray your self as better, and or more intelligent than everyone else instead of “stooping to there level” as you have done in this case. It must be the pressure of your upcoming problem. Let’s see if you have the “cajones” (as you put it) to take it all the way like your IVAW buddy did.

As far as the WTU goes, what is the percentage of “truly wounded warriors” as apposed to the rest of the inmates? I am willing to bet the true answer is a waste of government program money.
Sad but true.

Army Sergeant said...

Actually, sadly for your self-importance, I really don't know who you are, "you-know".

As for responding with anger: I am only human, and I have an anger problem. I don't try to deny it, so I'm really not sure what you're talking about. Yeah, the attitude of some that people in the WTU are malingerers bothers me, because often, the reason these people didn't get timely medical treatment is because of that very opinion-because someone, somewhere, decided that they weren't worthy of it.

Everyone I have met in the WTU is genuinely injured in some way. Whether you think they deserve quality treatment and medical care, I can't say. If you're still in the service, I'll only say that you sound like one of the people that are the problems with implementing better systems.

If I was particularly stressed the other day, it was probably due to a recent death in my family. Sorry for being human, dude.

You know who this is. said...

TSO or John,
Could you please explain this to her. As usual she doesn’t get it & changes the subject around to fit her needs of the day.

As to my "self-importance" as you put it.................... Grow up.

You know who this is. said...

I wonder if you are posting this from a government computer since you are doing it on U.S. Army time. Our tax dollars at work…..

TSO said...

I'm honestly not sure what it is you want me to make her "get."

I still think she's batshit crazy, like I tell her every time we talk. I just don't think she is seditious or anything, and sooner or later all her friends will be gone from IVAW and she will leave too. And honestly, I think IVAW will be worse off for it.

Although, I do so very much love this trainwreck in slow motion.

You know who this is. said...

Tomorrow will be funny.
Like I said,
Let’s see if you have the “cajones” (as you put it) to take it all the way like your IVAW buddy did.

TSO said...

Seems rather cowardly to post shit like that without a name or anything. The whole vague reference type shit is pretty weak.

I'll give you my cell # if you want to call and tell me just what the hell you are talking about.

Army Sergeant said...

Also, no, I don't post on the blog on US army time. I post on it during personal hygiene time sometimes. Occasionally in my room, from my laptop, during lunchtime. Usually after COB.

Also, I'm sorry to inform you that while occasionally I can be taunted into doing stupid shit, because I do have anger issues, this is not one of those occasions.

Anonymous said...

But going back to th orginal question, is there anyone that is newer? Because most of the people we have seen so far have been from 03-06. So is there any claims of mi-conduct from 07-09 time frame?

Carl Webb said...
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Carl Webb said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Army Sergeant said...

Posts by Carl Webb have been removed because I do not allow others to encourage illegal and immoral activity on my blog. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Anonymous said...

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