Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's With The Double Standards?

Though the story has not yet gone public, this isn't a good time for milblogger's freedom of speech. I myself am facing potential charges for having a different political opinion than some of my leadership believes I should, and another milblogger who shall remain nameless is as well. Certain prominent milblogs, especially ones from Iraq and Afghanistan, have been removed-Pink's War, Big Tobacco, and LT G among them. Too much honesty, too much humor, too much reality. Too much free thinking.

In something straight out of Joseph Heller, however, at the same time that some are getting in trouble for voicing opinions, the Army has apparently decided that it wants to hear Soldier's stories on social networking sites. As the article says..

The commander said the unblocking of some social networking sites was in keeping with direction from Army senior leaders to have Soldiers tell the Army story.

"This order first and foremost is about establishing web-filtering standards. However, it was crafted deliberately to meet the intent of Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army, who are encouraging Soldiers to tell their stories and maintain contact with the American people. Leveraging social media is an effective way to tell the Army story."

Hey, you know what's another effective way to tell the Army story?


I'm just saying. FYI. This buck sergeant's view.

In other news, I got my promotion counseling today, on why I'm not going to make staff. One part of it's fair-my PTSD has gotten out of control a couple times over the lat few months, and I do need to work on that. The other part of it, though, really ticks me off. Because I'm flagged.

Why am I flagged? Well, given that it happened the day after I accepted the IVAW appointment to the Board of Directors, some people might be excused for thinking the two are linked. Supposedly, some sort of investigation was opened. However, I can't tell you for sure why I'm flagged. Why's that? Because I haven't gotten a single piece of paper telling me about it. How did I find out? By taking a peek at my ERB. Yay, Army.

There's also some dispute about whether or not you can take leave while flagged, which tells me that no one's read AR 600-8-2 in a while. The answer for those of you following at home, is that you're not allowed to take ADVANCE or EXCESS leave, but you are allowed to take REGULAR leave, because regular leave is not a "favorable personnel action", it's something you earn.

If you can't tell, I'm a bit frustrated with the situation right now.


Anonymous said...

I love America sooo much that I'm voting Adam Kokesh for Congress!

masterspork said...

That is odd, I was not aware that they could flag you for that.

adagioforstrings said...

Isn't IVAW analogous to John Kerry's Winter Soldiers group? Isn't it openly against the war? I'm rather amazed that your supervisor hasn't court martialled you.

Army Sergeant said...

Contrary to some opinions, it is not actually illegal to have a dissenting opinion as a United States citizen. That's kind of that whole "freedom" thing we're supposed to be fighting for.

adagioforstrings said...

I served in the military & so did my brothers, father, grandfather, uncles, cousins, etc.

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to voice your opinion while in uniform that is insubordinate & undermines the mission.

Army Sergeant said...

It is not illegal to voice your opinion while in the service, nor is it insubordinate. I respect your service, but I have to disagree on this. As long as I did my job, it doesn't really matter what my political opinons are.

Jen said...

Which uniform is that?
"while in uniform that is insubordinate & undermines the mission."

I don't know if I got issued that one.....