Friday, January 23, 2009

New Command: The Honeymoon Period

Well, the 105th has formally deactivated-we even had a ceremony. I'm staying in the area, and I'm in a new unit. I'd talk more about it, but I try not to put too much information out about location. It has nothing to do with people who politically disagree with me, and more to do with a crazy and violent ex-husband who I generally live in some fear of.

That's one of the many things the new unit is trying to help out with-getting some real protection from Mr. "restraining orders are just pieces of paper". They also are working really hard on taking care of the financial issues that were pretty screwed up. They are persistent, which is really nice and amazing and hopeful and encouraging.

At the moment, I love the new unit. I love the way they do PT and I love the way their NCOs interact. I haven't yet met my new first sergeant or commander yet, so there's always a possibility my opinion will change. Still, my platoon sergeant and squad leader seem great, and they did a few of the things I don't expect, but add as little pluses in my book-for example, handing me a useful card with leadership contacts my first day in the unit. Too often the recall roster makes its way in somewhere at week 2. I like their leave policy, which is generous.

My leadership does seem pretty pro-war though, which could become problematic. It depends on if they'll keep integrity or not. Or if they google their soldiers. Or if some enterprising individual thinks it's somehow their business to hunt down my unit and tell them what a dreadful danger I am. I'm sure someone will. Like the sergeant major who's been reading my blog. You know who you are. Yes, this is a major reason why I haven't been posting on AKO lately.


Zero Ponsdorf said...

My leadership does seem pretty pro-war though

Ya need to be more specific. Training, planning, and structure need to deal with war. Otherwise you sound like you're in the wrong place?

Jim said...

"more to do with a crazy and violent ex-husband who I generally live in some fear of."

I'll be brutally frank with you. I used to baby sit a few cells full of rabid monkeys (Jailer), prior to my first deployment to the 'Ghan.
When you are finally back Stateside from Germany, get a Mossberg 500 12 Ga., a few boxes of No. 4 buckshot and a dog. If Mr. "restraining orders are just pieces of paper" shows up and enters your home, aim for the hips, the shot will hit his guts, and dose him three times. If he survives, he’ll be toting a clostonomy bag and won’t be physically able to chase and harm anyone again. When the cops arrive, cry your eyes out and just keep repeating stuff like, “All I wanted was for him to go away. I was scared he was going to kill me.”
Some of the charming folks under my care whilst in corrections put their wives/girl friends in the hospital, or the cops arrived in time to draw a pretty chalk line around the corpse and get the crime scene photos before the blood coagulated.
I’m not telling you this stuff out of bravado. It’s just a cold fact that when a “man” sees his ex as an Everblast speed bag, he’s gone out of the realm of reason. When things go right, police can react to crime in several minutes, you can DIE in seconds. Violence shouldn’t be your first option, but when it’s your life at stake, it becomes the only option.

Army Sergeant said...


More accurately, they seem convinced that Islam is the danger, and I'm hoping that their attitude towards helping me won't suffer when they realize I don't agree.

Jim: I appreciate the advice. I've actually thought about picking up a dog already, trained, like a German shepherd or something. I'm not too familiar with protection dogs, though, so I'm starting to do some idle research. I'd like something that really bonds to a family and can be good with kids, but that treats any outside threats like threats.

Grafitti Archive said...


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Jen said...

I'll be brutally frank: FUCK THAT SHIT

streetsweeper said...

Griffiti Archive spake:

"I am a student finishing my Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and I am looking for American female soldiers to take part in an important documentary installation that is near and dear too me."

Dude? You are a very weird freakozoid....

Jen says:

"I'll be brutally frank: FUCK THAT SHIT"

Roger that, Jen....

And I say...You are one vetty sick, twisted Canook bastard...

AS? If your ex insists on hunting you down, let me know. We may dis-agree on some things.

This one we never will.

Take care, Sarge.

Anonymous said...


Stick to your guns and ride it out. While you may be a member of the military last time a checked a frontal lobotomy was still not a requirement to serve. Unlike those broke dicks on AKO who feel that you can not serve and object to Bush's oil wars... fuck 'em. You have already stated that you will do your duty and follow your orders so what more do they need?

As for the Sgt Major who is trolling your blog... get a life B and quit harassing people. Your a half-step above a mongoloid on AKO and I am sure you are not much joy in the real world.

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